Talent Assessment Solutions

Measurable Constructs

Our wide variety of assessment tools and solutions, from basic to comprehensive Psychometric Assessments, will help you better understand if a candidate is the right fit for your business based on their:
Cognitive Capability and Complexity of Work

Ensure that your talent has the potential and capability to deal with the role complexity.

Emotional Intelligence

Measuring a candidate's self-awareness, emotion management, and use of emotional intelligence when engaging with others


Measuring the inclination to display integrity, including reliability, honesty, and work ethic.

Competency Potential

Assessing the potential and capability to display the competencies/right behaviours for the role in question.

Skill Set

Role-specific skills tests, such as administrative or software skills.

Personality Preferences

Helping identify a candidate's workplace preferences in order to understand their potential strengths and weaknesses in the workplace

Job Specific Solutions

Solutions that were designed to measure potential for specific roles, such as sales, call centre, security to name a few

Engagement and Commitment

Provides an indication of the level of commitment and engagement of employees with the organisation. This becomes crucial when wanting to invest in your talent

Individual and Team Insights

Various assessments are available to provide individual and team insight, into areas such as communication style, leadership style, conflict management style, team engagement style, as well as behavioural blind spots. These are effectively used for coaching or team interventions.

Remote Worker Index

Understanding employee’s strengths when working remotely, as well as where they will require support and how they can be motivated to perform at their peak, despite not being in the office


Recruitment screening for assessment of basic verbal or numeric literacy levels


Measures to what extent employees can be relied upon and be regarded as dependable in the execution of their work tasks


Understand a person’s inclination to display entrepreneurial behaviour and be open to the commercial and risks associated with being an entrepreneur

Locus of Control

Personal orientation of employees to influence the extent to which they believe they can control and influence the outcomes of situations, and therefore shape their mindsets when approaching work and acting on situations


Provides insights into the motivational factors that are likely to impact on how motivated employees are. Focussing on these factors are likely to increase motivation

Career Interest

Provides guidance on suitable career directions for employees who are uncertain of where they want to take their careers

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