Talent Management and Development Solutions

How it works

The Value of Talent Management Assessments

MIE’s Fit for Tomorrow’s talent management and development solution will identify employees that are more likely to be successful future leaders and managers within your organisation. By aligning talent to the right roles and organisational strategy, organisations will optimise their development investment by investing in top talent and have a better understanding of what their current human capital is capable of. This solution can also identify and retain top talent and get them ready to deal with the demands and possible uncertainty of the future. The following solutions are available:

Available Solutions

Succession Planning and Leadership Identification
High-Potential Identification
Skills Audit
Talent Development

What we consider

Depending on the objective of the organization, MIE considers the following when assessing for the purpose of talent management and development:

MIE’s Talent Management and Development Solutions assist clients to manage the complexity of their talent decisions, by identifying talent that are likely to exceed in current or future roles