Manage the complexity of your talent decisions with psychometric assessments

A business’s performance is a direct outcome of the quality of its talent, the dynamics of its teams and the strength of its leaders. To minimise potential hiring risk and drive performance, it is critical to consider a person’s potential to fit a role by taking an objective approach.

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How it works

The Value of Assessments

• It impacts on business performance, as 75% of Fortune 500 companies and 95% of FTSE 100 companies report using psychometric assessments as part of their talent decision processes

• Psychometrics is a science and psychometric assessments are designed based on data and proven scientific evidence

• It is based on research, as studies have proven that psychometric assessments are one of the better predictors of subsequent performance success

• The objective nature of psychometric assessments increases the objectivity of your talent processes, as it relies on scientific methodologies that are less biased

• With most assessments being available online, psychometric assessments free up the time of the recruiter and line manager

• The major value of psychometric assessments lies in predicting the likelihood of the candidate to be successful in a role and mitigating the risks

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How it works

Outsourced End to End Assessment Solutions That Help

Our dedicated team of professionals provides end-to-end outsourced assessment solutions that can help clients identify the right person, with the best possible fit, while also highlighting potential risk areas. Not only do we ensure that you are able to adopt the most efficient and effective assessment processes, but we also ensure that our assessment methodology meets all legislative and regulatory requirements, that are aligned with best practise. In this way, we support your business in managing the complexity of optimising your talent decisions.

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Our Offering Includes

Comprehensive Assessments

A comprehensive range of psychometric and competency-based assessments and our access to an extensive variety of measurement tools that can be employed for various talent decision purposes

We Are Objective

We remain objective and independent from test publishers and provide our clients with solutions that are fit for purpose and provides a good candidate experience

Client experience

Clients experience an effortless process, having the peace of mind that the MIE team takes responsibility for the entire process, ensuring that your candidates, compliance, and talent insights are taken care of

World Class Practices

We partner with our clients to ensure world class practices. Our experienced team of industrial psychologists / psychometrists provide an exceptional service and professional advice on all assessment and talent matters.

Scalable Solution

Solutions are scalable based on the unique needs of our clients.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience across industries and organisation levels, enable us to work with clients on a wide spectrum

Relevant Outputs

Outputs are relevant, integrated and competency-based, which makes is easy to use and assist HR, as well as line managers in assessing the capability or potential of existing and/or potential employees

Available Support

Our Support Team is available to provide candidates and clients with assistance