Talent Acquisiton

Stand Alone Assessments

Our talent acquisition solution allows organisations to use sound assessment practices to identify candidates from the application pool. Our fit for today talent acquisition solution will also ensure that the right talent is aligned with the right roles within the organisation. Make better people decisions to avoid performance issues and unwanted behaviours in the future by onboarding new employees to a level of effective performance much faster. Using the correct assessment solutions will increase the overall organisational performance by employing key talent that will increase individual performance, compliment your brand as an organisation, follow best practice talent acquisition processes and position you as an employer of choice.

Emotional Intelligence

Measure an individual's self-awareness and management of their own emotions, as well as how this is applied to engaging with those around them.


Managing risks before employing a person by considering a person’s propensity towards stealing or dishonesty, previously reported deviant behaviour, inclination to follow rules and regulations, reliability and dependability, work ethic, likelihood of manipulation and justification of wrong doings.


Identify potential strengths and weaknesses of employees in the workplace, which can be used to shape and guide their roles in teams and projects. Enhance productivity within the organisation and assist in ensuring that individual strengths are well utilised. Ensure that development areas are adequately mined to develop employees in their current and even potential future roles within the organisation.

Cognitive Capability & Potential

Various measures are employed to assess an individual’s cognitive potential, learning potential and capability. These measures predict effectively whether a person will be able to understand, comprehend and manage the complexity of information that they are faced with in a particular role.

Skill Tests

Skills tests are an effective way of measure an individual’s capability to perform a particular skill. Technical skills are measured on based on a person’s ability to perform the skills, but also how well they perform the skill in relation to others. These skills are critical in roles where technical expertise is required. MIE’s skills test offering includes:

• Software skills • IT Technical skills • Administrative skills • Technical job-related skills


Literacy tests measures a person’s ability to perform a basic function such as reading, understanding numbers or the English language.

Integrated Competency Assessments

While MIE provides customised solutions based on client’s needs, the following packaged solutions are available:
Executive and Management Level

Ensure that the specialists and professionals you appoint have the potential to function effectively within your organization and can make a valuable contribution.

Specialist and Professional Level

Identify reliable and committed operational employees that can align to your operational excellence requirements and not expose your organisation to risk.

Operational and Entry-Level

Identify reliable and committed operational employees that can align to your operational excellence requirements and not expose your organisation to risk.

Graduate and Learnership Assessment

Find high potential graduates and ensure that they fit the behavioural profile of your organization to prolong their stay and experience with you.

Remote Worker

Understand how ready employees are to work remotely and how to best support them.

Sales Assessment

Ensure that your sales force have the inclination to be effective hunters or farmers to grow your business.

Call Centre

Understand if candidates will be able to effectively deal with the challenges faced in call centre roles and being client orientated at the same time.

Job Specific Solutions

These packed solutions are suitable for various occupations that are found across organisation and require specific skills or underlying potential. Some examples include assessments for Security Officers, Personal Assistants, Human Resource Professionals and Project Managers.

MIE’s scalable and customisable Talent Acquisition Solutions assist clients to make more effective recruitment decisions, by understanding a candidate’s fit to role